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Acceptance of the Teacher and the Technique

Before enrolling for any particular course/retreat, students must declare themselves willing to comply fully and for the duration of the course with the teachers guidance and instructions; that is, to observe and follow the discipline and to practice exactly as the teacher asks, without ignoring or discarding any part of the instructions, nor adding anything to them without teacher approval. An attitude of trust cans a student work diligently and thoroughly. This is essential for the success of the course that every individual must have confidence in the teacher and the technique however every individual has absolute right to enquire in a positive manner with the view to know the details and, how and why which help not only the students but also the teachers because we all are evolving and learning. Shiva Tattva Yoga code of conduct is a declaration of acceptable ethical and professional behavior by which all participant students (TTC regular course student and Yoga Retreat participant) agree to the code of conduct.

This course is intensive and requires sound physical and mental health. For any questions, please contact support@shivatattvayoga.com


If you have any current or historic medical problem, please let us know in prior before enrolling for the course. It is strongly advised that all participants have a clean bill of health with no previous known medical conditions which might jeopardize his or her full participation in the course however if there is any regular medicine which a participants is following as per the prescription and has no impact on the course/retreat can advise our coordinator before joining the course. All participants are required to see after his or her own health during the course, including any required medication, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, etc. Our school in no way provides medical assistance at any time during the course however we can help them reaching to the hospitals, prescribing them medical services and other medical available assistance at their own cost.

Serious Mental Disorders

➢ Create and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the practice of YOGA.

➢ Will encourage diversity by responding all students regardless of sex, race, age, physical limitations, creed, gender, ethnicity and religion.

➢ Respect the right, dignity and privacy of all students.

➢ We recommend you to respect the local culture and avoid revealing clothes and follow the traditional Indian yogic attire.

➢ Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment or harassment based on other legal protected characteristics. Adhere to the traditional yoga principle.

➢ Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to our yoga teaching and business.

➢ Attendance at all classes, lectures, and meditation sessions is mandatory. If a class or meditation cannot be attended, an explanation should be given to the management. Frequent absence may lead to expulsion from the course.

➢ Alcohol, tobacco, meat, fish, eggs are prohibited on the premises. Pets are not allowed.

➢ Every individual in the school including teacher and students are solely responsible for their personal conduct and misconduct either inside the class or outside the class. The school is in no way responsible for any personal conflicts or conflicts between groups of individuals at any level. We do not interfere with individuals and their likings and disliking, however, we are very much careful about anything unpleasant happening. At any point of time if we considered any individuals not to be fit to be in the school we reserve the right to politely ask them to leave without an explanation.

➢ Will not use any illegal drugs/addiction, will not use or distribute of any kind of illegal drugs or narcotics among students or from any of the Shiva Tattva Yoga staff member or teacher. If you learn of others keeping, taking or distributing drugs you are obliged to report this to the course director immediately.

➢ Please do not leave the premises between 6 pm and 8 am without the permission of the management.

➢ Music on the premises is not allowed. No mobile phones in yoga classes, meditations or lectures however they can bring their Ipad and laptop for study purpose.

➢ Will not use music in a loud voice after 9:30 PM and in case group wants to have music after 9:30 PM prior permission from management is required.

➢ Sunday or on free day students are allowed for a day out but has to inform the management and will have reach school premise premises before 6:30 PM. In case if they delay they have to inform immediately to school management.

➢ During breaks student can go to local market for purchasing their daily needs but needs to arrive on time as per the schedule.

➢ Will not be involved in any kind of fraud, theft or embezzlement of goods or money belonging to any students, teachers, guest faculty or any staff member of Shiva Tattva Yoga or any untruthfulness or forgery determined by the Shiva Tattva Yoga.

➢ Will not involve in any kind of gambling at the Shiva Tattva Yoga premises.

➢ Swimming in Holy Ganges (Bhagirathi River) is strictly not allowed as the water level increases suddenly due to nearby dam and management of Shiva Tattva Yoga will not be responsible of any kind of claim. The river currents are high and traitorous and unpredictable there for it’s strictly prohibited to go for swimming.

➢ You will not be entitled for any monetary compensation, neither you nor your relatives or friends will be entitled of any insurance or any monetary claim on your behalf in case of any accident or mishappening during your stay at Shiva Tattva Yoga or because of natural calamities or Gods act during your entire stay which involves staying inside premises or day outing/day excursion or any night stay organized by Shiva Tattva Yoga.

➢ You will not be entitled of any medical allowance, health insurance, medical claim, incase if you get ill during your stay, or during your day out, or if you are involved in any kind of outdoor activity/hiking /tracking /adventurous activity or sports/ dangerous sports or in case of any kind of accident.

➢ Our premises is located in the peaceful locality and at the bank of Holy Ganges river in the foothill of Himalaya mountain with a natural habitat of serpent/Scorpio/spider/ wild animals and insect , although all our rooms are well grilled and protected with mosquito net and incase of any incident/accident our management shall not be responsible of any monetary compensation, neither you nor your relatives or friends will be entitled of any insurance or any monetary claim.

➢ You are not permit to go outside of campus after 7:30 PM as the locality does not have any street light and have a natural habitat of wild animal /serpent/insects and management shall not be responsible in case of any incident/accident or management shall not be responsible for any monetary compensation, neither you nor your relatives or friends will be entitled of any insurance or any monetary claim.

➢ During yoga practice there are few asanas/workout/posture /cleansing process which are to be performed in a strict guideline and any kind of injury cant lead to any monetary compensation, neither you nor your relatives or friends will be entitled of any insurance or any monetary claim.

➢ Burning of incense and candles in your room is not allowed for safety reason; these are only used in the teaching locations.

➢ Photography, video, audio recording during classes and ceremonies is only permitted with the permission of the management.

➢ There will be photo shoot during course and video shoot during various classes and during video presentation and school have all the rights to use them for their publication on their websites and promotion which might extend to Shiva Tattva Yoga team various website, social media, and print as well as web media.

➢ The Photos and videos will have all the rights to use on our various promotion activity and will publish without permission from students, incase if someone doesn’t want to get photographed or doesn’t want to the part of publication of their individual image or any part of video they can request our management in advance .YBM team will not be responsible of any kind compensation incase if somebody has claim to this.